What You Need to Watch in Stock Market Before the Union Budget Is Presented

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In 2018, you can see that the indexes are each up by more than 5% in just the 14 trading days that have passed so far. However, you will get to know whether or not surge continues, when you focus on the earnings season and there are plenty of big-name reports set for the next few days. On Monday, Netflix is looking to set a positive tone for its quarterly report. Apart from this, Procter & Gamble and Starbucks stock can also make big moves following their announcements later in the week.

It is expected by investors that there will be good news from CEO Reed Hastings and his team when Netflix will release its results. For the streaming video giant, the holiday quarter is a strong period as TV-watching time spikes and millions of new Internet-connected devices come online. Few other positive trends are joined, including rising demand in international markets and an improving content catalog, to paint a bright picture for sales and profit gains. The official forecast of Netflix predicts that the addition of 6.3 million subscribers during the quarter is expected to bring the global user base up to 109 million. As soon as the company reaches that target, it would have concluded its fourth consecutive year of accelerating membership gains.

This consequence is even more impressive as and when you consider that Netflix raised its monthly prices several times during this period. Yet, there is a possibility that the stock will take a hit this week on anything short of blowout results. In the past year, shares are up sharply. Netflix is the single best-performing stock of the past decade.

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