Ultimate Guide for Those, Who Are Planning To Trade on Their Own

Ultimate Guide for Those, Who Are Planning To Trade on Their Own

Stock Market

These days, there are lots of advisory firms are planning to trade on their own and hence it becomes difficult for traders to rely on one advisory firm or find out the best firm that can provide accurate intraday cash tips. This is the reason, it is recommended to have little knowledge about the technical analysis of the market if you are a participant of intraday trading.

For those, who want to generate good revenues in just a few days, intraday trading is a good idea. But you can accomplish your goals only if you buy or sell stocks at the right time. To know the right time of buying and selling following are two simple and easy –to –use technical indicators that allow you to generate accurate intraday trading tips.

MACD stands for moving average convergence and divergence and it was developed by the renowned technical analyst, Gerald Appel. It is based on differences between the two moving average of different lengths. Difference between the fast and slow moving averages are taken into consideration. A second line of the MACD represents the moving average in the chart is called signal line. There is also a third line in the chart. That is drawn optionally. It represents the histogram of the difference between the MACD and the signal line. Therefore, this third line is known as MACD histogram.

Volume plays a significant role in stock trading. Technical analysts and traders observe the volume before buying and selling the stocks. Volume is the number of stocks traded in a market at a certain period of time. However, the Price Volume Trend is a study based on efforts to count the quantity of volume moving in or out of a stock by classifying the close of the period in comparison to the previous close of the period. The volume for the period is then allotted to the total. This way volume and price volume trend study contribute a lot to obtain the intraday cash trading tips. The technical analysts of Money Classic Research help their customers by implementing indicators and generating best opportunity for them.

Money Classic Research is one of the leading advisory firms with a huge client base. The team of researchers and technical analysts is experienced and highly qualified. They are capable of obtaining the accurate tips with the implementation of various indicators and oscillators. They provide accurate intraday trading tips, stock future tips, stock option tips, nifty future tips, nifty option tips, commodity future tips, commodity option tips, and forex tips to their customers. Some of the indicators used by the technical analysts are moving average Convergence Divergence, volume, average true range, Bollinger bands and many more. It is the only firm providing 24 * 7 customer care service to support their clients.

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