technical analysis of stocks

Do You Know the Difference between MACD and RSI – Also Know Their Uses

Various people use various techniques to trade in the Indian Stock Market. However, some follow the technical analysis; the others use techniques like pattern analysis, candlestick analysis and so on. Analysis of stock is a wide field with a lot of time and efforts required to master it. Significant indicators involved in technical analysis are […]

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Multiply Your Profits with the Use of Moving Average Convergence Divergence

Multiply Your Profits with the Use of Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence

Technical analysts use indicators and oscillators to gauge the market trend and price of the stocks. There is a number of technical indicators implemented to serve the different purposes in the field of trading. Out of many, Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence has frequently used indicator. MACD stands for moving average convergence and divergence. The Gerald […]

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