You Need To Pick These Two Stocks by the End of March to Earn Huge Profits

You Need To Pick These Two Stocks by the End of March to Earn Huge Profits

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Following are the best two stock pick that will open a way to success. If you are about to invest in the market and you are still in dilemma of picking the right stock, then without any worries, you must pick the following two stocks options.

  1. Federal Bank

There are many researchers out there, who believe Federal Bank is one of the best stock picks based on the view that as the economy chugs with its growth, which will result in incremental borrowing for the individual business funding requirements. As a result of this aspect, you can experience a rise in the fee income of this bank. The analysts prefer to go with this bank as it has a sound presence in southern India. Another reason to choose this bank is that this bank itself could be an acquisition target by some larger bank wanting to cement its place in the South markets.

We know that the banking industry is said to be a mirror reflection of an economy’s health. If you do not want to go with Federal Bank then you can go for few other Public Sector Banks like Bank of Baroda or Bank of India or even a small-cap bank like Indian Bank. The wide base of Bank of Baroda has helped it to tap all the resources in rural, semi-urban and metro markets. On the other hand, Bank of India is estimated to notch around 15% earnings and even higher over next one year.

  1. J.K. Lakshmi Cement

You can choose J.K. Lakshmi Cement from the allied infrastructure space. Since, it is seen that India chugs along with increased activity in areas of homes, roads, and other infrastructural projects, so this stock is recommended as cement is being used predominantly in structural works.

The technical analysts of Money Classic Research, who are experienced in generating accurate intraday trading tips, informs that the cement stocks have registered a sharp gain in the previous year. Definitely, this will show a bearish trend around this year because of rising raw-material costs. Instead of picking this cement company, you could have also directly gone for a good infrastructure company with a niche presence in the certain specific segment. Presently, the cement industry is going through the phase of overabundance.

To know more about the best stock picks, stay tuned with the Money Classic Research.

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