Why You Must Trade Gold – It Is the Most Precious Metals Found

Why You Must Trade Gold – It Is the Most Precious Metals Found

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Gold is one of the most precious transitional metals with a metallic yellow appearance. The characteristics of gold are – soft, malleable and can be easily melted, chiselled, carved or hammered into any shape. It is found naturally in alluvial deposits. This rare metallic element is also found with a combination of other metals.

It is not furtive that gold is used in jewellery making and goes hand-in-hand with diamonds. However, apart from this use, there are several other ways in which you can use this precious metal in your life:

  • Monetary exchange

As early as 560 BC, Gold coins were used as a monetary exchange but today are kept as commemorative memorabilia and collectables.

  • Electronics –

Gold is a highly efficient conductor that can carry tiny currents and remain free of corrosion. Therefore, it is used in connectors and electrical contacts and switches, soldered joints, electrical wiring and connection strips. Gold is also used as a conductor in mobile phones.

  • Dentistry –

Over decades, Gold is used as a filling in the tooth. Due to high prices, the trend was demolishing but the now it is making a comeback as dentists have reintroduced it to the community because of its reliable usage.

  • Industry –

In Industry, Gold is used for soldering jewellery. Various other uses of gold are that it is used as protective coating for artificial satellites. Apart from this, it is also used as a reflector of electromagnetic radiation. Mostly, aircraft cockpit windows are laced with gold as an anti-icing mechanism.

  • Glassmaking –

The cutting-edge technology is using Gold as a pigment in glass. Just a small amount of gold will produce a rich ruby colour. With the latest technology, when gold is dispersed into the glass it becomes a reflector. This is mainly used in astronaut’s helmets and in climate controlled windows.

  • Medical –

Surprisingly, it is used as a drug to treat some forms of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Various life-support machines and electronic equipment also make use of gold.

Undoubtedly, Gold is the most precious metal found in the Earth’s crust. Commonly, it is in veins of quartz rocks. It is Indian culture to see gold as a symbol of great prosperity and wealth. Gold is expected to remain in the list of most precious metals as it has abundant uses and high dollar value.

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