Know About the Fastest-Growing Stocks of Today’s World

Know About the Fastest-Growing Stocks of Today’s World

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Each one of us wants to buy stocks that can rise multifold in a short period. However, it may sound easy but in actual it is difficult to find such stocks. There are only 13 companies that have given positive returns in all years since 2004, out of an entire list of the companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Experts analyzed these companies in order to find out why their stocks have been so optimistic and that too for such a long period. Following is the list of some companies that are said to be the fastest growing stocks of today’s world.

Supreme Industries

This is one of India’s largest plastic processors companies. The company has been growing at a fast pace for the past 10 years. This is possible because it is experiencing a steady rise in the proportion of value-added products in the portfolio. The company’s operating profit margin of value-added products is more than 17%. From 31 December 2003 to 31 December 2013, the stock has risen 19 times. According to a veteran analyst, it is observed that Supreme Industries decision to move from commoditized products to technologically-advanced products has contributed to its outstanding performance over the years.


Another fastest growing stock is CRISIL. It has been giving huge returns to investors for the past 10 years. The main reason behind it is that it is experiencing robust business model. In the past ten years, CRISIL’s RoE has almost doubled from 20% to 40%. Furthermore, the company has been paying good dividends. In terms of growth in revenue and net profit, the company is being consistently growing.

CERA Sanitaryware

Believing the expert, you will find that the consumer spending in India has been rising at a scorching pace over the last 10 years. The reflection can be seen in the top line and operating performance of Cera Sanitaryware. It is observed that on an average the net profit has been rising by 40% a year and stock by 54.5% a year for the last 10 years.


One of the leading suppliers of technology and services in the areas of automotive/industrial technology is Bosch. The stocks of the company have been rising by 20% a year on an average for the last 10 years. Earlier on 31 December 2013, the stock was at Rs 10,087. It commands 80% share of the domestic diesel systems market.

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