Intraday Trading

Good Intraday Trading Can Make You Wealthy

Stock Market

There are different styles of trading in the equity market. The trader or investor can trade in the intraday fashion or in short term or long term investment style. The buying and selling of the stocks in the same day is known as Intraday Trading. In short-term trading, the stocks are bought and sold after more than one day. The brokerage charges of the intraday trading are considerably less than the Short-Term Trading.

The intraday trading is one of the most excellent trading strategies in the stock market, which helps day traders to make money in share market of India. When you apply good intraday trading techniques only then desirable profit can be earned.

A large number of benefits can be availed if you do intraday trading. Due to the numerous benefits of intraday trading, a number of people are doing day trading. It is estimated that the new generation is participating more eagerly in day trading as it is an easy, simple and profitable way of earning. Day trading also eliminates the overnight risk for you. Here, you can close your position before the end of the trading day, due to which your profitability will not be affected by good or bad news and events occurring during non- trading hours.  For positional traders, there are lots of chances of disappearing from profit due to the risk of any bad overnight event. In intraday trading, any tragedy or disaster in local or global stock markets cannot affect your income for that day. A day trader can take the advantage of both growing and falling market. Day traders can make a profit by making small sales in falling stocks. On another hand, positional traders can only do small sales in futures, for which the higher margin is expected.

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